Youth invasion: thrones xxi

Apr 16-18, 2021

Welcome to Thrones XXI! This weekend is a spiritually fun filled weekend for Jr. High and High School students. 

While we live in democracy, here in the United States, God created us to be subject to a king. As radical as that may sound, it is true. Just look at the way we live. We constantly make a TV show, a person, political candidate, celebrity, or hobbies as the King of our lives. It rules over us, it dictates our life, it gives us our very self worth. At Youth Invasion 2021 we hope to guide our youth to the rightful king who should be the only one on the throne.

This youth conference will consist of food, games, worship, small group time, as well as breakout sessions to help students answer some tough questions of faith that are holding them back from loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Sign your student up TODAY!!!

Meet our guest speaker

Jared is a passionate leader who has been serving the next generation at City Hope Church for the last 8 years. A Houston native, Jared was born and went to high school in Missouri City, Texas. He loves Texas, but after graduating from the University of Mobile in 2014, Alabama has felt like home. His drive and commitment to serving the local church is superseded only by his love for his wife Haley, son Jones and daughter Lenora.

Weekend Schedule


6:00 PM Check-In (Dinner Served)

7:00 PM Meet and Greet

8:00 PM Main Session 1

9:15 PM Small Group Time

10:00 PM Late Nite Hangout

10:45 PM Parent Pickup


8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Main Session 2

10:15 AM Small Group Time

11:00 AM Break time

11:15 AM Breakout Session #1

12:00 PM Lunch

1:15 PM Breakout Session #2

2:00 PM Beak time

2:15 PM Breakout Session #3

3:00 PM Rec Time

5:00 PM Free Time

6:00 PM Dinner

7:15 PM Main Session 3

9:00 PM Small Group Time

10:00 PM Parent Pickup

Breakout sessions

  • Loving god

    w/ your mind

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  • Dealing with depression

    Type content here...

  • The Grand story of the bible

    Type content here...

  • Handling Fear

    Type content here...

  • Remaining Pure

    Type content here...

  • Is God Real? Questioning faith?

    Type content here...

  • Overcoming laziness

    Type content here...

  • Motivation

    Type content here...

  • Using time for God

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BReakOut session Details

Students will have the opportunity to attend Breakout sessions throughout the weekend. Here is an overview of each of the Breakouts. Take a minute to read over them and decided which sessions are best for you! 

  • We can easily put our mind on the things of this earth that lead us down a path of sin and a life of destruction. If we transform our minds to put God first and keep Him on the throne we are sure to live a life of peace with a promised hope and future. 

  • Depression is real! It often can pull you into depths that may lead you to a point of no return. The funny thing is that our self loathing and being down on ourselves is actually an act of pride. We put ourselves on the throne that only God can occupy. We also put our physical and personal needs before the one that gives us true peace. 

  • Do you struggle with getting up and getting things started? Are you known for waiting to the last minute? In this session students will learn how to overcome the behavior of laziness and procrastination. They will  learn how it delays their growth in their relationship with Christ and how applying discipline and structure can improve their relationship with Christ. 

  • Students will understand that faith, God and Christianity are not separate from intellect. Evidence exists to support Christianity alongside science, evolution, and the universe. In many cases this evidence helps us solve the dilemma between Christianity and science. 

  • There are many things to look at in the world that brings fear. From social issues, losing friends, college, becoming an adult etc...The truth is that there is only one thing to fear and that is God in his perfect justice. However, that justice has already been performed in His Son who gives freely to us so we no longer need to fear but be filled with the Spirit of God. 

  • What excites and motivates you? In this session students will learn how to ignite their passion and fire for Christ and getting them excited about the gospel and helping to spread it. 

  • Students will understand that the bible is one big story with 4 main parts (4 Cs) Creation, Condemnation, Christ and Consummation. While we often view the bible as several shorter stories, must read it only as one big story. 

  • Purity is what God longs for in each of us. Saving ourselves in every way for Him. Our mind, body, soul and everything within belongs to Him. If we are God's temple and we love God, shouldn't we at least keep it Holy and acceptable for Him? Students will learn how a life of purity is a life of love and devotion for God. 

  • Teaching students about Time, Talent and Treasure. What does that mean and how can we learn to effectively use them in our daily lives to glorify God?