Bridge Battle Media Library

Here you will find all of the videos produced for this amazing event.  If you still haven't registered you may do so by clicking here.


bridge battle live!!

Community Summer Event!!


The Bridge Battle 2020FX is a family/group experience that will help you connect with each other and God in this super fun Jesus adventure. Find friends, family, your kids, parents, and form a team to sign up for this amazing event.  

Each week a "Battle Box" will be delivered to your home. When your team receives the box, you will have a whole week of devotionals, videos, crafts, swag, challenges and more. Who knows what the box will bring!!! Each day's activities will take from 30 min to an hour (or however long you'd like to extend the activities). Every Thursday there will be a 1 to 2 hour covid safe live event in which you will engage in challenge against other teams.  

Click REGISTER and join the fun. If you have any problems registering or have questions about the event contact If you would like to volunteer for the event go to the Volunteer Zone event tab.