Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we are here to help people find Jesus and follow Him fully.

We use a phrase around here; Simply Jesus.  That really sums up what we are about.  We are here to make a big deal about Jesus, and make Him a bigger part of our lives.  That is what our ministry strategy is all about.

Our Mission Field

We are proud to call South Davis County Utah, home, and see that area as our primary mission field.  One way we serve our community is by supporting and partnering with the Bountiful Food Pantry. We also see our church as an outpost for reaching the Utah region through church planting. Just as Jesus envisioned the gospel would spread from Jerusalem, into Judea and Samaria and then to the whole world, we also feel called to support God's work outside of Utah.  Internationally, we partner with two amazing groups that are doing fantastic things for the people God loves in South Sudan and India.