Youth thursday night's ! 

At the Bridge Community we value students.  We hope to help them find Jesus and follow him fully by understanding that 1. God loves them no matter what, 2.  Jesus wants a relationship with them, and 3.  their best life is with Jesus.  

Our staff and leaders want to support parents by being an extra influence in the students' life by simply building a relationship with their children, being present, create a safe place, partner with parents, make it relevant and personal, and move them to the next steps in life when it is time to move them on.

We meet regularly with our youth on Thursday nights, 6:45-8:30pm as well as Sunday Mornings and for special events throughout the year.  We especially enjoy connecting during our Youth Invasion Weekend in the Spring. 

youth invasion: thrones xxi

apr 16-18, 2021

While we live in democracy, here in the United States, God created us to be subject to a king. As radical as that may sound, it is true. Just look at the way we live. We constantly make a TV show, a person, political candidate, celebrity, or hobbies as the King of our lives. It rules over us, it dictates our life, it gives us our very self worth. At Youth Invasion 2021 we hope to guide our youth to the rightful king who should be the only one on the throne.

This youth conference will consist of food, games, worship, small group time, as well as breakout sessions to help students answer some tough questions of faith that are holding them back from loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Sign your student up TODAY!!!

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